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1. Highschool graduates can apply by either submitting national graduation examiation results or highschool study records.
   Applicants do not need to have university preparation learning for 2-3 years and learn-by-heart large amount of knowledge just for university entrance examination but less applicable for professional career. Avoiding the university entrance examination could reduce the pressure on the applicants, their family and the society.

2. Students have chance to approach advanced education in the United Kingdom

   The long standing and traditional education of UK is ranked as the world top education system for creative with advanced pedagogical methods and high academic quality standards. That explains UK the top selection for many international students. 

3. The Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) is one of the branded universities in Vietnam in the field of Technology and Engineering.

   With more than 50 years of development, HCMUTE has contributed into the development of the high quality workforce with thousands of alumni for the growing economic of the South East region in particular and the whole Vietnam in general.
   HCMUTE has strong academic staffs with high quality backgrounds from advanced education systems. The university is furnished with more than 50 advanced laboratories and workshops for multiple purposes from fundamental and professional experiments.

4. The academic programme has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.

5. The academic programme is fully delivered in English.
   Graduates are good in qualification and English which will make them more professional and confident before the employers as well as have chances to study and work abroad.

6. High application inpacts academic programme.

   Students study and work in English, dynamic and challenging  environment  with  realistically homeworks  and assignments or seminar and discussion to express themselves.

7. Cost-effective study programmes
   Saving more than 50% of tuition fee when studying in Vietname with the same quality in UK.

8. Have good opportunities for education transfer overseas

   Students can choose to study in UK from 1 year to 3 years. You will study in a multicultural environment with more experiences and an independent life in a civilized country and have opportunities to interact with students from many different countries, improve English and accumulate knowledge from the part-time job.

9. Have good chances to receive well-recognised degrees from UK universities.

   Degree has been recognized in over the world. Thus, students can work or continue to study master programmes.

10. Assured future career

   The universities have closed relationships with many companies and the community. Since then, students have opportunities to find  jobs easily after graduation.

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