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at International Education Exchange Centre - HCMUTE

It gives me a great pleasure to join this handbook to be on behalf of the International Education Exchange Centre to extend the warmest welcome and share my recognition to all students who have successfully enrolled to the BTEC HND programmes at HCMC University of Technology & Education. These are very flexible programmes with curricula, textbooks, and other learning materials provided from UK partners and all are conducted in English.

The BTEC HND programmes delivered at International Education Exchange Centre has itself established an excellent reputation for the quality of academic curricula and courses, for teaching and learning innovations, and for the professionalism and responsiveness of our administrative staff. 

We believe it is important that you are motivated enough to make your own contribution to the effective operation and development of your chosen course. We are, therefore, keen to hear your comments and welcome any suggestions that you may have about ways of improving any aspect of your course and/or the student support services during your study time at the University. In practice, you will have the opportunity to do this through our ‘student voice’ processes, such as student forums and meetings.

This handbook provides a handy guide to the University’s services as well as general information about the programmes that you have enrolled. It also explains your rights and responsibilities as a student at HCMUTE. If there is any information you need, which is not covered in this handbook, please do not hesitate to ask your course administrators, our international programmes staff or the IEEC director board.

Should you all bear in mind that the outcome of your studies could affect your future career and therefore keep hardworking in your study should certainly be your first priority, however do not forget to leave sometime for recreation and social activities. 

Wishing you all a very successful semester!

Ly Thien Trang, MA., MBA.
International Education Exchange Centre
HCMC University of Technology &Education 

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