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The Second Prize Essay

There is a certain fact that English education is one of the most recognized by people around the world, so when I first heard about this contest, I was by all means determined to apply for it. For decades, the educational system at higher levels in England has proven to be among the best systems worldwide. In specific, Sunderland University has so many remarkable achievements, training lots of engineers in various fields of technology. Therefore, it is a long desire for me to set my foot in England, especially in this school.

It is no doubt that the UK has long been on top of the dream lists of every student all over the world. This foggy country is not only known for its superb teaching standard, but also popular for its strongly developed economics, as well as high achievements in other fields like tourism or hospitality. In terms of education, England has one famous saying: “Teach students how to think, not teach them what to think”, which describes the best about the teaching method in this country. According to the Times Higher Education in 2011, of 100 top-ranking universities, 9 of which were located in the UK, putting this system nearly on top, along with countries like the USA. Moreover, when it comes to life in England, there are plenty of advantages to be named, such as the friendly society, competitive environment and a wide range of opportunities to develop oneself. With such highly qualified educational system, students are equipped with all the basic and advanced skills, forming a stable foundation for their own future.

Throughout history, England has an outstanding education. As a cradle of world geniuses, famous scientists like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking were devoted for this place. Considering this factor, students around the globe have pursued their dreams of coming to the UK for an education. Choosing England, for them, is like opening the door to success. Recently, it has been reported that a vast majority of international students are applying for Sunderland University, making this school become one of the most sought-after school in the world. Such influence has greatly contributed to the development of its industry of knowledge. Not only does the University of Sunderland have an excellent training quality, but it has also shaped the bright future for each and every student going to this school.

Every big dream starts out as simple things. I myself am an example. Had it not been for my admiration to the smart and intelligence, I would not have been who I am today. Suddenly, at this juncture, I realize that my future is nowhere as near. That is, to build a smart house full of amenities that have advanced technology, for the sake of every human life. My passion for physics has always been an ember deep inside my heart and soul.

Currently, I have oriented my own future path into the fields of technology. The greatest aspiration of mine is to become an eminent female engineer who can contribute greatness to human life, literally. Having been informed about this contest, I immediately attend with the most significant desire. I hope to spend the majority of my time and effort to make some positive changes to this world. All my dedication are surely worthwhile if I will ever have a chance to study in this wonderful environment.

Ngày sinh: 20/02/2000
SĐT: 01683711771
Học sinh : 12 Chuyên Anh.

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